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Garden Bouquet

Garden Bouquet is inspired by the beauty found in the nature and garden. Delicate petal shapes, blooming perennials, tiny seedlings and vivid colour all play a part in the garden variety of this collection. These gestural floral pieces were created using water colour, with an overlay of fine pencil details.

Kelly Ventura is a Michigan-based artist and surface designer leaving a unique mark on the industry with her hand-painted patterns. Being inspired by the everyday-objects, conversations and surroundings, Ventura finds joy in bringing these bits to life with her modern approach and style. Her work is infused with fresh color, gestural marks and a hint of playfulness.

Kelly Ventura has collaborated with many national retailers on a range of products in the home decor, gift and children´s markets.

Kelly Ventura
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To protect the environment and handle nature’s resources with care is important to us. Therefore we fully support FSC®:s work for sustainable forestry. Of the wooden products produced in our factory, approximately 95% of raw materials are produced by FSC® certified suppliers.

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) is an independent, international member organization that promotes responsible forestry both environmentally and socially. A global standard regulates the handling of raw material for harvesting, protection of animal and plant life in the area and the working conditions. The high requirements that must be met in each area ensure that the forest is used in a sustainable way to be used by future generations.

Our certification no: TUEV-COC-001057
Our license no: FSC-C137102