SKU: 300649-441 Categories: , , , , , , , • Dishwasher safe
• Food safe
FSC® - Certified.
• Made of high quality birch veneer

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Weight0.780 kg
Dimensions49 × 49 cm

Care advice for products treated with melamine coated veneer

The trays and coasters are made from layers of birch veneer and protected by a melamine based top coat making them very durable. All the materials are assemled by hand and molded into shape with high heat and pressure. These products are dishwasher safe and food safe.

Ulrica Hydman Vallien

Stockholm native Ulrica was brought up in an artistic family and was schooled at the national College of Art, Craft and Design, as well as scholar ship programs in the U.S. and Mexico. She joined Kosta Boda in 1972 and has been awarded majors cholarships and prizes, exhibited in museums and shows worldwide, and has lectured at the Bildwerk in Germany and at the famous Pilchuck Glass Center school in Washington state.

Ulrica’s unmistakable designs have decorated both cell-phones as well as airplane tails.Through her career she has used different forms of expressions but has always had an entirely personal range of metaphorical language, filled with power, drama, humour and energy.